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Malcolm Gladwell’s New Book

From the WSJ:  How to Beat Goliath: First Look At Malcolm Gladwell’s New Book I’m very much looking forward to this.  It’s too bad it won’t be out until October 1st.

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Culture Matters: Greek Property Records

From the NYT:  Who Owns This Land? In Greece, Who Knows? That one at the top has been in my family for ages, I swear From the article: As Greece tries to claw its way out of an economic crisis of … Continue reading

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Culture Matters: Pakistan’s Electric Power Problems

From the NYT:  Pakistan Faces Struggle to Keep Its Lights On  I think I found the problem From the article: Electricity shortages, bad for years, have reached crisis proportions. Lights go out for at least 10 hours a day in … Continue reading

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Moral Hazard In Tornado Alley

From the NYT:  Racing the Clock and a Storm: A Way of Life in Tornado Alley I liked Twister better as a movie There are two ways to minimize losses in a natural disaster: reduce the severity of the loss or … Continue reading

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Making The Price Of Failure Too High: Dubai Edition

From Messy Nessy Chic: So in Dubai, the number of Abandoned Luxury Cars lying around is kind of a Problem What this airport needs is more really long term parking When designing a civil society, one of the knobs you … Continue reading

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Apple Computer and the “Fairness” of Taxes

From the NYT:  Apple’s Web of Tax Shelters Saved It Billions, Panel Finds Think different about taxes, too In the video Charles Duhigg gets it right by explaining tax codes have not kept up with the modern world.  Intellectual property … Continue reading

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Matthew O’Brien of The Atlantic with a Different View On Inflation

From The Atlantic:  This Is the Biggest Mistake 60-Year Old Men Make About the Economy Who are you calling a 60-year old man? (Previous post on inflation here.) The Atlantic’s Matthew O’Brien criticizes Michael Kinsley’s argument for austerity over stimulus, joining … Continue reading

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Parmesan Cheese As Loan Collateral

Keep bringing the Parmesan until the banker says stop From the BBC:  Italian producers bank on cheese After the hard work of making Parmesan cheese, Italian producers need to wait for two years of ageing before it’s ready for market.  In the … Continue reading

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Markets Work: Gaza Tunnel Edition

From the NYT:  Delivering KFC by Tunnel, Not Too Fast but Satisfying Break out for take-out There are more than 18,000 KFC outlets in 120 countries.  I’ve enjoyed their chicken in both China (cheap) and Tel Aviv (expensive).  Now it … Continue reading

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The Memorial to UTA Flight 772

From a photo album on So we sailed away from there, sad at heart, happy to have avoided being destroyed, although some dear companions had been killed. – The Odyssey Who could forget Maya Lin’s Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Washington … Continue reading

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