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Markets That Won’t Clear: Walmarts In Urban Areas

From The Atlantic Cities: Exactly When Is a City Strong Enough to Spar With Walmart?  Walmart’s proposed location in Washington D.C.’s 4th Ward Here we go again with the silliness when local planning commissions try to extort concessions from job-creators.  This … Continue reading

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Markets That Won’t Clear: Las Vegas Real Estate

From the Wall Street Journal: Foreclosure Squeeze Crimps Las Vegas Real-Estate Market It’s especially fabulous when you don’t have to pay your mortgage (Previous posts on Markets That Won’t Clear here and here.) First, the Foreclosure-Industrial Complex was overloaded, took scandalous shortcuts … Continue reading

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More On France’s Two-Tiered Economy

From the New York Times: The Best Hope for France’s Young? Get Out  Where to look for work in Paris.  Bring your passport. (Previous posts on moving to find a job, the need for self-motivation in the labor market, Spain’s similar … Continue reading

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More On Egyptians’ Sudden Love For Laser Pointers

From the BBC: Egypt crisis: Why are Cairo protesters using laser pens? Hey, look!  It’s an interview! (Follow up to this) Cairo street vendors are selling laser pointers to the crowd and the crowd uses them to not only harass helicopters … Continue reading

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The New York Times Really Doesn’t Like Secondary Ticket Markets

From the New York Times: Some Ticket Scalpers Pass on Okla. Benefit Concert Scalpers are “Friends in Low Places“ (More on ticket reselling here and here.  More on the Oklahoma tornado here.) A concert benefiting Oklahoma tornado victims has drawn some of … Continue reading

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Summing Up The NSA Spying Scandal

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More On Cameras At The Supreme Court

From The Atlantic Wire:  America Has Cameras in All the Wrong Courtrooms (Follow up to A Request To U.S. Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts) I still think one reason the justices prohibit cameras in the Supreme Court is to … Continue reading

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