Amazon Opens Warehouses To Tours

Amazon Opens Warehouses To Tours

I thought you brought the map

From CNN Money: Amazon opens warehouses to tours

Of Amazon’s 37 U.S. fulfillment centers, six will begin offering public tours this month. I’ll bet the technology and organization would be fascinating, but one look at the tours’ home page leads me to think Amazon’s primary goal is fighting the perceptions they’re treating their packing and shipping employees poorly. The page reads like a recruitment poster for warehouse personnel, emphasizing high pay, immediate eligibility for extensive benefits, career training and a focus on workplace safety. Now that the conditions of low-wage workers have become so politicized, this is how Amazon plays the P.R. game.

We probably shouldn’t expect any changes over at Google with their famously tight data center security, where almost no one can get a tour. This is probably because Google boffins are well paid and with the exception of perhaps hard drives and RAM, every piece of computer, networking and data center kit is a custom-made trade secret.

Want an interesting and accessible tour of slightly older but no less fascinating distribution technology? Visit the San Francisco Cable Car Museum/Barn/Powerhouse. Every technology nerd I’ve sent there loves it. I wish I could put on coveralls and do an internship.


 I’d bring coffee if they’d let me help with an all-night cable splice

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