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Flash Boys: A Wall Street Revolt, by Michael Lewis

For 300 million dollars, your web browser could receive this post three milliseconds faster I’ve just finished reading Flash Boys: A Wall Street Revolt by Michael Lewis, an exposé on the rampant parasitism at the core of the U.S. stock … Continue reading

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The Skies Belong To Us

Not in it for the mojitos The Skies Belong to Us, Brendar Koerner’s rollicking adventure tale of skyjacking in a different era, is a lot of fun. How different was air travel in the U.S. in 1972 compared to now? … Continue reading

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Malcolm Gladwell’s New Book

From the WSJ:  How to Beat Goliath: First Look At Malcolm Gladwell’s New Book I’m very much looking forward to this.  It’s too bad it won’t be out until October 1st.

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I’m Starting To Read “The Great Deformation” by David A. Stockman

I’ve only read the first chapter, but oh, this looks good…

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