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Venezuela’s Currency Manipulations Are Destroying Their Economy

Pretty. Worthless. From the WSJ: Currency Chaos in Venezuela Portends Write-Downs The Gentleman Economist once visited Venezuela, enjoying Caracas, Merida, Angel Falls, a quiet Andean village and a jungle adventure involving riverside hammocks and three days in handmade dugout canoes. Being an … Continue reading

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Does The U.S. Really Need A Department Of HUD?

I’m not sure this should be a federal issue From the NYT: San Antonio Mayor Julián Castro Is Said to Be HUD Pick in Cabinet Reshuffling It appears Julián Castro, an up-and-coming Democratic politician, may be the next choice to lead … Continue reading

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Flash Boys: A Wall Street Revolt, by Michael Lewis

For 300 million dollars, your web browser could receive this post three milliseconds faster I’ve just finished reading Flash Boys: A Wall Street Revolt by Michael Lewis, an exposé on the rampant parasitism at the core of the U.S. stock … Continue reading

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The Future And Its Enemies

Relevant again?  Their website looks good. From Time Magazine: The Government Is a Hit Man: Uber, Tesla and Airbnb Are in Its Crosshairs I was surprised to see a piece so libertarian and future-oriented in Time, but then I saw Nick … Continue reading

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The Democratization of Super PACs

From the WSJ:  Here a PAC, There a PAC—Except Some Are Not So Super Sure, it takes a lot of donated money to have an effective and powerful super PAC, but it’s surprisingly easy to create one.  In fact, it’s … Continue reading

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Journalists Push Back on Altered Quotes

First, there was this article in the New York Times:  Latest Word on the Trail? I Take It Back.  Then today we see some pushback:  National Journal Bars Quotations Tweaked by Sources. Politicians and journalists can both gain from a … Continue reading

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