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Tragedy of the Commons

Culture Matters: Pakistan’s Electric Power Problems

From the NYT:  Pakistan Faces Struggle to Keep Its Lights On  I think I found the problem From the article: Electricity shortages, bad for years, have reached crisis proportions. Lights go out for at least 10 hours a day in … Continue reading

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Tragedy of the Commons: Massive India Blackout Edition

From the NYT:  Half of India Crippled by Second Day of Power Failures Multiple jurisdictions drawing against a regional or national power supply is a clear case of the Tragedy of the Commons. Surendra Rao, who was the chairman of … Continue reading

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Why Technology Companies Stopped Providing Telephone Support

From the NYT: Tech Companies Leave Phone Calls Behind “The plain and simple fact is that they’re too busy or too important to talk to us,” he said. Some thoughts on the underlying forces here: 1. Customer service telephone calls … Continue reading

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