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Three Cheers For A Housing Market Recovery, Maybe

Price reduced? Good news for one third of Americans, but not for Peter Dreier From the NYT: What Housing Recovery? In the New York Times Opinion Pages Peter Dreier (Professor of Politics, Urban and Environmental Policy at Occidental College) bemoans that not … Continue reading

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Cheng Chui Ping, “Mother Of All Snakeheads”, Dies: Villain Or Hero?

This grandmother sold tickets to a better life. Sorry about the prison term. From the NYT: A Smuggler of Immigrants Dies in Prison, but Is Praised in Chinatown (See previous posts on immigration) The Gentleman Economist has yet to be persuaded … Continue reading

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This Landslide Caused More Than One Phase Change

“This was a completely unforeseen slide…” – said no geologist or soil scientist A Phase Change is the transformation of a system from one state of matter to another. Think of ice cubes melting in your soft drink while water condenses … Continue reading

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Genius Uses One First Class Airplane Ticket To Eat Free For A Year

I’ll just work here until dinner From Gizmodo: Genius man used one first class airplane ticket to eat free for a year American comedic actor, director and writer Harold Ramis, who recently died, made a career out of understanding the appeal when … Continue reading

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A Plane Flight So Long They Added A Compartment For Corpse Storage

Are we there yet? Like most experienced travellers, The Gentleman Economist occasionally gets wistful recalling really long flights, suppressing painful memories of so many hours yearning to simply be home in one’s own bed. The war stories include: Shanghai     … Continue reading

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The Step-By-Step Guide To Destroying San Francisco’s Housing Market

It’s so expensive nobody lives there anymore From the SFGate: Airbnb sublets in S.F. land some renters in the doghouse The Gentleman Economist finds San Francisco’s charms appealing: Beautiful coastal topography, including hills, fog, a gorgeous bridge and the country’s largest … Continue reading

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Tesla, The Future, and Its Enemies

 Make a run for the border From Business Insider: MAP: Here’s Where Tesla Is Banned From Selling Cars Consumer Reports recently gave the Tesla Model S its highest rating ever. Sales are up and the future looks bright for this all … Continue reading

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Parisian Taxi Wars

Expect a lot of walking From The Economist:  Taxi wars Apparently the Gentleman Economist isn’t the only one bemoaning the miseries of finding a taxi in Paris.  It may be the City of Light, but it’s not from the headlights … Continue reading

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Amtrak Is Now Offering Onboard “Writer’s Residencies”

 Bring your laptop From The Wire:  Inside Amtrak’s (Absolutely Awesome) Plan to Give Free Rides to Writers Something terrifically cool has emerged from an unexpected corner. Amtrak (America’s government-owned passenger train monopoly) is starting to offer “Writer’s Residencies” to, well, … Continue reading

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Russia Over the Past Month

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