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Venezuela’s Currency Manipulations Are Destroying Their Economy

Pretty. Worthless. From the WSJ: Currency Chaos in Venezuela Portends Write-Downs The Gentleman Economist once visited Venezuela, enjoying Caracas, Merida, Angel Falls, a quiet Andean village and a jungle adventure involving riverside hammocks and three days in handmade dugout canoes. Being an … Continue reading

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The Future And Its Enemies

Relevant again?  Their website looks good. From Time Magazine: The Government Is a Hit Man: Uber, Tesla and Airbnb Are in Its Crosshairs I was surprised to see a piece so libertarian and future-oriented in Time, but then I saw Nick … Continue reading

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The Step-By-Step Guide To Destroying San Francisco’s Housing Market

It’s so expensive nobody lives there anymore From the SFGate: Airbnb sublets in S.F. land some renters in the doghouse The Gentleman Economist finds San Francisco’s charms appealing: Beautiful coastal topography, including hills, fog, a gorgeous bridge and the country’s largest … Continue reading

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Seattle Leaves Its Citizens Waiting At The Curb In The Rain

We’re OK with marijuana; just don’t upset our vested interests. From GeekWire: Seattle City Council approves cap on Lyft, UberX, Sidecar drivers Oh, Seattle, home of Microsoft; custodian of the Space Needle and Pike Place Market; curator of Northwest cool, great … Continue reading

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If the Catholic Church Did Not Exist, We Would Not Invent It

From a house of worship, a house to worship (Matt Rainey for the NYT) From the NYT: A Church So Poor It Has to Close Schools, Yet So Rich It Can Build a Palace The archbishop of Newark, New Jersey, John … Continue reading

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Lots Of Follow Up Items

Follow up to The Boy Scouts’ Brewing Public Relations Disaster From the NYT:  Boy Scouts End Longtime Ban on Openly Gay Youths Gay youth can now participate in the Scouts, but not gay adult leaders.  They still need to work … Continue reading

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Nefarious Dealings In Nigeria

As discussed in the Economist magazine, oil related corruption in Nigeria is enabling a few people to extract billions of dollars from the world economy. Meanwhile most Nigerians remain very poor by global standards (desperately poor by the standards of … Continue reading

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Culture Matters: Pakistan’s Electric Power Problems

From the NYT:  Pakistan Faces Struggle to Keep Its Lights On  I think I found the problem From the article: Electricity shortages, bad for years, have reached crisis proportions. Lights go out for at least 10 hours a day in … Continue reading

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The Looting of the U.S. Treasury Accelerates

From the New York Times: Federal Spigot Flows as Farmers Claim Discrimination Husbanding the U.S. Treasury used to be an honorable endeavor, but we’ve now sunk to a new low in giving away taxpayer funds to purchase votes. But there’s another … Continue reading

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Barclays and Lying About Interest Rates

From the NYT:  Barclays Not Alone in Making Claims on Rate, Diamond Says Market prices reveal useful information, and the negotiated interest rate at which others will loan to you signals their confidence in your repayment ability.  Barclays recognized the … Continue reading

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