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Why Has Inflation Remained So Low?

Spend your stimulus money here (See previous posts on inflation.) A major argument against economic stimulus is that sooner or later all those extra dollars sloshing around the economy will push up prices and debase the currency.  It seems inevitable, … Continue reading

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Concert Promoters Prefer Market Pricing While Claiming They Don’t

From the NYT:  Concert Industry Struggles With ‘Bots’ That Siphon Off Tickets No satisfaction The Background: Only a concert promoter can complain of too much demand for his goods and services and beg for prosecution of his most eager customers. … Continue reading

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Markets That Won’t Clear: Olympic Spectator Seats

From the WSJ:  Games Chief Bristles at Empty-Seats Questions and Olympic Ticket Trouble Leaves an Empty Feeling Some possible reasons: Tickets were offered to Britons in “a complicated multistage lottery” that generated “a torrent of complaints when many people complained about being … Continue reading

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