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Culture Matters: Greek Property Records

From the NYT:  Who Owns This Land? In Greece, Who Knows? That one at the top has been in my family for ages, I swear From the article: As Greece tries to claw its way out of an economic crisis of … Continue reading

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This Is What a Two-Tiered Economy Looks Like

From The Atlantic:  The Scariest Chart in Europe Just Got Even Scarier I always thought it was bad in France, but Spain and Greece are leagues ahead.  With youth unemployment (15-24) now over 50% in both countries, they’re doomed.  When … Continue reading

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Greek Economic Potential in Exports

From the NYT: What Greece Makes, the World Might Take With feta cheese and olives, for example, Greece could have a thriving export economy, but there are still some underlying cultural changes that are sorely lacking: It’s easy to mock the … Continue reading

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