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Lots Of Follow Up Items

Follow up to The Boy Scouts’ Brewing Public Relations Disaster From the NYT:  Boy Scouts End Longtime Ban on Openly Gay Youths Gay youth can now participate in the Scouts, but not gay adult leaders.  They still need to work … Continue reading

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Windows 8 Is Dead

From Brian Boyko via YouTube:  Windows 8: The Animated Evaluation (Previously explored here) It’s not just a rant on the inherent unusability of Microsoft’s new Windows 8 operating system, but it’s also a thorough analysis by a guy who knows … Continue reading

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Does This Low Price Signal Microsoft Worry About the Bad Press on the Upcoming Windows 8 Release?

Upgrades to Windows 8 Pro to cost only $39.99?  Does this signal Microsoft worry about the bad press on the upcoming Windows 8 release? Most people seem perfectly happy with Windows XP or Windows 7 (and maybe even Windows Vista).

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