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Seattle Leaves Its Citizens Waiting At The Curb In The Rain

We’re OK with marijuana; just don’t upset our vested interests. From GeekWire: Seattle City Council approves cap on Lyft, UberX, Sidecar drivers Oh, Seattle, home of Microsoft; custodian of the Space Needle and Pike Place Market; curator of Northwest cool, great … Continue reading

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How I Would Improve Uber

 Enough with the time dilation While evangelizing about Uber today, I was asked how I might improve the service.  Here are some thoughts: 1.  It seems important to Uber for P.R. and customer retention purposes that you can always get … Continue reading

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When, Exactly, Is a Driver Considered To Be “Working for Uber”?

 Navigating through a haze of liability issues (photo from The Daily Beast) From The Daily Beast: Uber and Its Enemies Americans seem to have trouble with entrepreneurial working arrangements that don’t fall neatly into the narrow category of a traditional employer/employee relationship. … Continue reading

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The Usual Monopolist Defenses Against Innovation

 Horse-drawn carriages once needed protection, too From The Atlantic Cities:  Taxi Drivers Miffed Over Uber and Lyft Just Sued the City of Chicago A group of Chicago taxi drivers and owners has sued the City of Chicago in federal court, … Continue reading

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How Uber Uses “Surge Pricing” to Balance Supply and Demand, and the Psychology of “Gouging”

They won’t leave you stranded (From BusinessInsider.com: Uber Asked Customers — Including TV Host Michelle Beadle — To Pay 8 Times More Than Usual Last Night) Uber partitions each city they serve into zones and when the demand for rides in … Continue reading

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The Tech World Routes Around Another Hated Monopoly

Now there’s another option (Photo: Justin Sullivan, Getty Images, from SFGate) From the SFGate: App-based ride services lure drivers from S.F. cab companies It’s another example of the tech world routing around a hated monopoly.  For decades, San Francisco’s Municipal Transportation … Continue reading

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