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Spain Is In A Great Depression

From the NYT: Spain Is Beyond Doomed: The 2 Scariest Unemployment Charts Ever How to plan your job search (See previous thoughts on Spain here, here, here, and here.) Spain is in a great depression, and it is one of the … Continue reading

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A Vote of No Confidence For Spain

From the WSJ:  Air Carrier Plans for Fracture of Euro Zone The thing about loss of confidence is that it’s always just a trickle, until it’s a torrent, and nothing both signals and accelerates the risk of Spain leaving the … Continue reading

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Markets That Won’t Clear: Housing

What’s preventing this market from clearing? A few suggestions: Stubborn rights-holders Property owners, bankers and local governments holding out for a bail-out A coordination failure as who wants to live in a community when no one else does Refusal to … Continue reading

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Sovereign Bond Yields and the 7% Solution

From the NYT:  Spanish Borrowing Costs Surge, Reviving Worries About Euro Zone Yields on 10-year Spanish government bonds rose to 7.03 percent. Many analysts believe that such rates would make Spain’s finances unsustainable in the medium term. It seems to … Continue reading

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This Is What a Two-Tiered Economy Looks Like

From The Atlantic:  The Scariest Chart in Europe Just Got Even Scarier I always thought it was bad in France, but Spain and Greece are leagues ahead.  With youth unemployment (15-24) now over 50% in both countries, they’re doomed.  When … Continue reading

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