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A “Pricing Strategy Consultant” Talks About Uber and Surge Pricing

 So, how much were you looking to pay? From the Harvard Business Review:  Why Uber Needs Clearer Pricing Rafi Mohammed is a “Pricing Strategy Consultant” and blogger at HBR.  He offers some clear thinking on Uber and surge pricing.

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Uh, Oh. Did Uber Artificially Restrict the Supply of Drivers on Valentine’s Day to Force Up Rates?

Uh, oh. From The Verge:  Uber kept new drivers off the road to encourage surge pricing and increase fares I keep hearing rumors about possibly nasty things Uber has done to claw their way to the top of what might … Continue reading

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How Uber Uses “Surge Pricing” to Balance Supply and Demand, and the Psychology of “Gouging”

They won’t leave you stranded (From BusinessInsider.com: Uber Asked Customers — Including TV Host Michelle Beadle — To Pay 8 Times More Than Usual Last Night) Uber partitions each city they serve into zones and when the demand for rides in … Continue reading

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