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The Future And Its Enemies

Relevant again?  Their website looks good. From Time Magazine: The Government Is a Hit Man: Uber, Tesla and Airbnb Are in Its Crosshairs I was surprised to see a piece so libertarian and future-oriented in Time, but then I saw Nick … Continue reading

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Tesla, The Future, and Its Enemies

 Make a run for the border From Business Insider: MAP: Here’s Where Tesla Is Banned From Selling Cars Consumer Reports recently gave the Tesla Model S its highest rating ever. Sales are up and the future looks bright for this all … Continue reading

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Why Has Inflation Remained So Low?

Spend your stimulus money here (See previous posts on inflation.) A major argument against economic stimulus is that sooner or later all those extra dollars sloshing around the economy will push up prices and debase the currency.  It seems inevitable, … Continue reading

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