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The Economics of Thai Bar Girls

A paradise for small entrepreneurs In the few short days of my vacation, I’d become a regular at a pub near the Nana SkyTrain Station in Bangkok’s Sukhumvit neighborhood.  I liked sitting outside, drinking sparkling water, watching the world go by and … Continue reading

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And to Think That I Saw It on Mulberry Street

The bug man with his motorcycle cart delivers right to your bar stool Better than a protein shake So there I was, just sitting there, minding my own business.  I was at a bar in Bangkok, looking out over the … Continue reading

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Monsoon Wetting

Partly cloudy with a chance of rain Last night my dinner companion and I left in a cab for a famous authentic Thai restaurant only five kilometers away.  Bangkok has notoriously bad traffic and the journey took almost an hour. … Continue reading

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A Night at the Fights

Watch the feet Last night I went to see the Thai kickboxing fights at Bangkok’s famed Lumpinee Boxing Stadium.  Out of respect for the memory of Rodney Dangerfield, I secretly hoped a hockey game would break out. First, however, was the … Continue reading

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One Night in Bangkok and the World’s Your Oyster

Spot the tourists Like any good vacation day, yesterday included a nap.  After a few hours of laptop work in the morning, I was ready for indolence.  In the evening, I wandered over to a small side street to immerse … Continue reading

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