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The Seattle Police Department Gets It

The Seattle Police Department is handing out these bags of Doritos at Hempfest.  A few thoughts: 1.  The SPD just earned the regard and cooperation of at least half of Seattle’s residents. 2.  The War on Marijuana is all over … Continue reading

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This Is How You Write An Obituary

From The Economist: Lo Hsing Han To call him “The Donald Trump” of Burma would be an insult The Economist delivers the goods, again, with their weekly obituary.  It starts with the first two sentences: Men in his line of work … Continue reading

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The Future: The Repeal of Marijuana Prohibition Is Coming; Everyone Knows It But the Federal Government

From AlterNet:  There’s Been a Tectonic Shift on Marijuana Across the US, Except in Washington — Why Can’t We Pop the Beltway Bubble? Rasmussen reported that 56 percent of Americans support “legalizing marijuana and regulating it like alcohol or cigarettes” … Continue reading

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Will Obama Take On the Drug War If Re-Elected?

Searching for an end to the War on Drugs After re-election (still a big if), will Obama announce a change of heart in the War on Drugs?  Like greater acceptance of gay marriage, it’s just about overdue.  Marc Ambinder discusses … Continue reading

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